About the Trainer

Joanne Eberstein is the owner and trainer at Graceful-E Farm. She fell in love with horses as a little girl at the age of eight on Long Island, NY. Joanne moved to Oklahoma in 1976 where she met Dody Morris-Miller in 1977 at Mingo Stables. Shortly after, Dody opened Citation Stables where Joanne studied under her direction.

She bought her first horse, Jenny Pal Baby (Jazz) in 1980 and began her dream of showing. While Jazz was too fast in the hunter circuit she prevailed as a jumper. 5ft was no problem for her. She was a courageous horse and won blues in both Hunter and Jumper with Joanne as her rider.

In 1992, Joanne purchased Tomorrow is Too Late (Tommy). Tommy was slow and perfect for jumping despite being a thoroughbred. Unfortunately, during training, he got cast in a stall and became injured. Tommy would never jump. Joanne felt dressage would be a wonderful way to rehabilitate him and offer him to the show circuit. She began studying under Ann Weber.

Better Image (Teddy) was purchased in 2004. Joanne showed Teddy in dressage for several years. He was a solid show horse. Unfortunately, during Teddy’s critical training period, Joanne’s health prevented her from continuing on the show circuit.

In 2014, Joanne purchased Piaggio (Pi), a Hanoverian with extreme potential on the dressage circuit. He is currently in training.

Clinics include:

Charles De Kunffy
Mette Rosencrantz
Michael Rohrmann (a pferdewirtschaftsmeister – focus on riding master).
Alex Wortmann (a German reitlehrer with trainer A license).

Joanne currently studies with Anthea Kin.

Joanne’s philosophy is to create an understanding between the horse and rider. She believes in the horse/rider dyad which is essential to success.